Your Turn-On is Your Life Force


Your skin is BUZZING, you feel electric, the hair on your arms are standing on-end, you feel – ALIVE ✨⚡🔥 You feel aroused, awake, aware, fully IN your body in this exact millisecond of time.

It’s powerful. Our turn-on is our life force and I believe we are doing it a disservice by only recognizing the sexual nature of it because there is SO much more to it than that. It can take us deep into connections with new people, it can open our eyes to a brighter reality, it can fuel our actions in the most resonant of ways, and it can really set the tone for an overall better life experience. 

Let’s start on the same page by appreciating the power of energy whether it’s at a low or high vibration. And let’s take that a step further and notice how our energy or where we’re at on the scale of emotions affects our experience.

For example, if you wake up in a funky mood and you don’t take a pause to reset with whatever tool works for you, then that’s you setting your pace for the day. Wherever you are on that speedometer is where you are setting your cruise control at.

And that’s where you’ll coast unless, however, you welcome in a little disrupt – a little mischief. 😈😉😜

Because why live life on cruise control? We’re not here to live in the passenger seat of our lives, we’re here to drive the fucking car.

So, we play a game I like to call ‘live turned on’. How can you arouse yourself in the ordinary? How can you feel how the fibers of your clothes touch your body, how can you feel the warmth of the sunlight trickling in through the window through the leaves? What turns you on?

Think DEEPER. What lights you up? What makes you happy? What is this for you? Do that.

I’ll go first. I love putting on my noise-canceling headphones, turning up the volume and submerging myself into my own soundtrack and dancing.

I find my way to a mirror and appreciate the parts of myself that I love. Maybe I catch an angle that piques my interest and I snap a sexy photo and send it to my lover. Maybe that elicits a fun sexting exchange that gets me buzzing even more.

And here I am – turned on, feeling lit from within. From this energy, I am magnetic, I am in my power. I go to coffee and I get a cheeky grin from the barista. I text a love note to a friend I haven’t seen for awhile that makes her day. I easily flow into my to-do list for the day.

This energy and this reality is YOURS for the taking. Unlock it by culminating your turn-on, discovering what you want, shedding the shame and parts of you keeping you from feeling this ALIVE feeling.

Your turn-on is your life force, everyone has access to it, including you. It all takes you being curious, a little mischievous, and daring to explore what that means for you.

Let’s uncover your next 3 steps to feeling turned-on. Try a curiosity call with me.