Portfolio & Experience

Hello! My name is Erin.

I am a wildly creative thinker with a talent for marketing & building the bridge between brands and their people.


Brand Partnership, Copywriting, Design, Creative Direction, email marketing

  • Successfully executed brand partnership through email and social media to boost sales
  • Executed the copywriting & design for the campaign


Web Design, Brand Direction, Copywriting

Elena Rossi has a long-standing brand as a coach and sex educator and was ready to build her own web presence and launch her first digital product. Together, I led her in defining a brand and website that not only resonated with who she was at this moment, but where she intended to go with her brand in the years to come.

It was important to her that her online space felt calming, comforting, and experiential. So, we mastered that while also revamping the way she structured her offers



  • Interviewed the brand’s founder and team to extract a deeper understanding of the vision and ‘why’
  • Transformed the intangible ‘big ideas’ of founders into resonant messaging
  • Crafted full sets of brand copy that were unique to each brand despite being in the same vertical
  • Collaborated with the design team to craft a timeless brand identity


Copywriting, Graphic design, Creative Direction

  • Led the founders in launching their first email newsletter to drive traffic to their physical storefront
  • Crafted digital visuals that echoed the artisanal goods that could be found in the store
  • Drove foot traffic and online sales through A/B tests and an email promotion campaign


Copywriting, Creative Direction, content creation, graphic design, web design

  • Led my team in a full rebrand to target a younger demographic of health-conscious consumers
  • Defined a unique brand voice to completely differentiate the wine company from competitors
  • Designed weekly email campaign strategy, design, and copywriting to drive engagement and sales


Copywriting, Creative Direction, Web Design

  • Design strong call-to-action’s to drive email optins and sales
  • Defined a strong brand identity and dedicated CTA color to intentionally connect with her clients
  • Designed a unique hero graphic to display Jordan’s two different angles of expertise – a health professional and sex educator


Copywriting, Content Creation, Creative Direction, Web Design

  • Crafted highly engaging video content, carousels, shorts, and blog posts
  • Defined a definitive brand voice that differentiated me as a coach
  • Designed a ‘Curiosity Quiz’ with 30+ questions to drive email optins while introducing the client to topics they could explore with me
  • Collaborated with @skirtclub on content creation 

STOP Rejecting Compliments

This week's sexy pep talk was on why you need to start accepting more compliments. Watch this first and if this is something you're ready to shift in yourself, watch the second video below where for a *free* EFT tapping session on how to accept compliments.With lots...

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My First Threesome Experience

Look at you, my naughty little voyeurist 😉 Ready to snuggle up for storytime as I share not one, but TWO stories – My first threesome experience AND my favorite threesome experience. My First Makeout Session with a Girl   I know you’re here for a tell-all so I...

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How to Be the Best Lover They Ever Had

Yesterday I was talking to my good friend, penis & prostate expert, Rachael Z, about past lovers circling back to us to tell us we were the best they ever had. It’s something I pride myself on, I get off on it. I love being a burned-in memory in their spank banks....

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Your Turn-On is Your Life Force

Your skin is BUZZING, you feel electric, the hair on your arms are standing on-end, you feel - ALIVE ✨⚡🔥 You feel aroused, awake, aware, fully IN your body in this exact millisecond of time. It’s powerful. Our turn-on is our life force and I believe we are doing it a...

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The “Fantasy Trap”

She’s sitting on the edge of the bed, robe dripping off her left shoulder, fresh-faced, moments away from you both sinking deep into your sheets and she tosses out an innocent-enough question, “Have you ever fantasized about having a threesome?” Matrix moment....

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Copywriting, Creative Direction

  • Directed 35-page brand guide that defined the parameters of logo and color usage, photography, and brand voice
  • Designed campaign pages targeted to specific demographics
  • Redesigned and wrote copywriting for a new homepage that clearly communicated how the product could benefit the customer
  • Redesigned bottle packaging to stand-out on store shelves


Copywriting, Creative Direction

  • Wrote SEO-optimized copywriting for brand’s product listings on Amazon
  • Designed graphics that clearly communicated complex features
  • Crafted potent brand and product messaging
  • Improved the customer buying experience by clearly defining the differences between each product through copywriting


Copywriting, Creative Direction

  • Directed a full web redesign to empower a small family farm to sell directly to customers
  • Wrote powerful copywriting that infused the family’s personality with their online presence
  • Guided the family in understanding their brand and story in a deeper way so we could infuse that into the copywriting


Copywriting, Creative Direction

  • Wrote copyrighting that clearly communicated the history and purpose of the organization


Copywriting, Creative Direction

  • Defined enhanced brand content for OSKA’s Amazon product listing
  • Wrote SEO-optimized copywriting to drive sales
  • Designed infographics to clearly communicate the science and benefits of the product